18 May, 2016

2016 Bestmed Jock Cycle Tour and Jock Cycle Classique


The 2016 3-day, 3-stage Jock Tour Presented by Rudy Project, covers a distance of 304km and a daunting 7200m of vertical ascent. The existing one-day Jock, which is an official premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, keeps its name as the Bestmed Jock Classique while its 3-day big brother is known as the Bestmed Jock Cycle Tour.

The Bestmed Jock Tour Presented by Rudy Project, which takes place from Friday, 15 July to Sunday, 17 July 2016 is not a challenge for the average rider. It constitutes the first event in South Africa which is mirrored on the Classic European Alpine road race stage races, such as the Haute Route.

There is no tougher 3-day challenge on a road bike anywhere else on the African continent.


Stage 1: Friday 15 July

Stage one of the tour will start at 13h00. This stage is an Individual Time Trial that runs from Nelspruit through to Kaapsehoop. Stage one covers a distance of 26.93km and has a total ascent of 1200m. The first stage is a 26.93km hill climb time trial. Although only 26.93km in length, the course rises by 1200m between Nelspruit and Kaapmuiden.


Stage 2: Saturday 16 July

Stage two will have an early start and will kick off at 07h30. This stage will run from Nelspruit to White River via the Kruger Airport Road/Sabie and back to Nelspruit. Stage two covers a distance of 140km and has a whopping 2900m of climbing.

The second stage is also known as the existing 140km Jock Classique route, which Jock Tour riders will have to complete in one go, without the luxury of the breakfast and lunch stops which the Classique riders have at White River and Sabie respectively.

This stage takes riders from Nelspruit out on the N4 towards Sabie,before turning right onto the Brondal road into White River. From White River, riders take on the road to Sabie and then back onto Nelspruit. The notable climbs on this stage are Heidel Eggs, Spitskop and the Long Tom Pass.


Stage 3: Sunday 17 July

Stage three will start at the crack of dawn with a 06h30 sharp start! This stage takes riders from Nelspruit to Kaapmuiden via Boulders/Barberton and back to Nelspruit. This stage covers a total distance of 138km and has a total ascent of 3100m.

Stage three takes place on the traditional Jock Classique route, starting in Nelspruit, going out on the N4 towards Komatipoort before turning right into the Boulders reserve for the back-breaking Boulders ascent and onto Kaapmuiden. From Kaapmuiden the Tour takes on the undulating road to Barberton and then onto Nelspruit, with Hilltop constituting the final climb of the Tour before riders drop down into Nelspruit to finish back at the Mbombela Stadium.

The Bestmed Jock Cycle Classique is a one-day event that will take place on Saturday, 16 July 2016. This is known as the little brother to the Bestmed Jock Cycle Tour.

The 2016 edition of the Bestmed Jock Cycle Classique Presented by Rudy Project, which is an official premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, takes place on 16 July 2016 on the traditional route between Nelspruit, White River and Sabie. Entries are limited to 800 riders.


·         Stage 1: Nelspruit – White River: 42km

·         Stage 2: White River – Sabie (via Spitskop): 45km

·         Stage 3: Sabie – Nelspruit (via Long Tom Pass): 63km


The 2016 Bestmed Jock Cycle Classique will take place from Friday, 15 July 2016 and will run for three days, concluding on Sunday, 17 July 2016.

Entries can be done by clicking on the button below.

For any race information or general enquiries, please contact the race secretary Sonett de Villiers on 076 830 5578. Alternatively, contact the event on

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