03 Feb, 2016

Big heart, big dreams, and building the JRAD brand

Big heart, big dreams and building the JRAD brand!
In our regular new feature "Behind the Helmet," we ask a cycling personality to give us a peek inside their lives. This month, Jaryd Browne was our chosen personality.

Jaryd Browne is not only a successful South African cyclist; he is also a really good tri-athlete. Something we like to call the best of both worlds. With triathlons being his focus in 2016, Jaryd is entering a new world of being on the bike, on the road, and in the pool.

Modern Cyclist Magazine caught up with Jaryd to talk to him about his plans for 2016.

MC: When you aren't training, what do you actually do?
JB: I have an endurance sports team called PEAK, we coach and arrange camps for both athletes and corporates.

MC: Do you have a favourite cycling discipline?
JB: I have always loved road cycling from a young age. I was influenced by my dad who has completed an impressive 25 Argus's!

MC: And racing?
JB: Racing? I love racing! Give me a race on two wheels, be it on road or off-road, and I’ll be there.

MC: Apart from triathlons, have you done any other sport?
JB: I enjoy paddling and the occasional game of golf, but both require loads of practice so they are more for kicks and giggles.

MC: So, how did you get into triathlon?
JB: My mother started training for 70.3 East London while I was racing under-16 with the Cyclelab Academy. I wasn't really enjoying just being on the bike and was looking for something else. I swam and ran at primary school, so triathlon was perfect. I spoke to my school swimming coach, Travis Johnston, who is also a pro triathlete and he started coaching me.

MC: So you are now a triathlete?
JB: Triathlon is my focus, yes, but which distance and discipline of triathlon, I'm not sure yet. I have decided that this is my year to race everything and anything to see where I fit in.

MC: Many triathletes are fortunate enough to have sponsors. Who are your sponsors?
JB: I am incredibly fortunate to have some really great sponsors backing my triathlon career. My main sponsor is SA Asia Cable - it's really great having them on board, as they believe in me and in my sporting career. I am an ambassador for Specialized, through Complete Cyclist in Bryanston. Specialized is my first choice, so I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing support from the brand. Powerbar supply me with the fuel I need on the bike, which is amazing, as they are one of the few internationally tested supplements, and it is important to me that I know what I am putting into my body. Stuf brought me on board as an ambassador, and provide me with all the products I need to make sure I look good all the time. Then, last but certainly not least, I have Skullcandy. They have been with me from the beginning and I love representing such a rad brand.

MC: How was your 2015 season?
JB: 2015 was a bit of an up and down year for me. It was my first year racing as a continental elite, which was very challenging. I went to the USA for four months for a change of scenery - it was great to train with a new squad and coaching group, it really helped me. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck in races and lost my confidence, which I believe came from not racing enough. But, 2016 is a new year, with a fresh start. I'm looking forward to lots of racing!

MC: Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
JB: Not really...Well kind of... I always use the locker number 168 at the gym. I am forgetful at times, at least this way I always know where my stuff is, and the fact that it’s my girlfriend’s birthday helps.

MC: Where is your favourite place to ride in South Africa?
JB: I love riding in the cane forests of Zululand. The heat and humidity are awesome in the summer and the riding is just amazing!

MC: What do you regard as your triathlon strength?
JB: I have always loved riding and with my past swimming and running background, I believe I am an all-round balanced athlete.

MC: What is the best advice you've been given?
JB: A friend telling me before my first elite race that it's "only two hours of pain." It really stuck and now at every race I say to myself "only one and a half hours to go," and so on until I’m finished.

MC: What is the best training advice you can give?
JB: Consistency is key.

MC: Who are your sporting heroes?
JB: Jan Frodeno will always stick out for me because he has ties to SA and he is a similar build to me.

MC: What are your favourite movies?
JB: Italian Job for sure - I have watched it over and over.

MC: And what is your favorite quote?
JB: "You never fail, you either win or you learn." Avinash Wandre