04 Jul, 2016

Eric Tollner Still Going Strong!


Yesterday marked the start of Eric Tollner’s third week in his Namibia2Knysna Challenge. Eric has pushed hard and has just four days to go before completing this awesome feat.

Despite enduring freezing temperatures, involuntary river submersion as well as failed brakes down a mountain road into Merweville, progress remains good. Eric has survived both the Little and the Big Karoo, the Cederberg Mountains as well as 16km of compulsory bike portage.

He has conquered the Tankwa Reserve, snow, as well as sub-zero temperatures and flooded rivers. Something that not many people would have the guts to complete. Despite Eric’s progress, there is always a spanner thrown in the works… Eric was also lucky enough to ride past the SALT Telescope in Sutherland.

Communication from Eric is good and we are still able to track him despite a small glitch when using his second pair of batteries. This issue arose when Eric used regular batteries instead of lithium. Apparently lithium batteries are hard to come by in the desert!

The SpotGen3 Tracker remains the best way to track Eric’s progress.

Eric’s Facebook Page has received 137 likes and 2000 views per week. His Twitter Page has a steady group of “Twitterati” (50+) with a heap of retweets and likes. Social Media works a charm. Eric was sponsored a night at the Desert Rose B&B in Springbok. The B&B owners, Piet and Maralynn van Zyl insisted on hosting Eric for one night, free of charge!

Eric will replace the brake disc on his bike and will continue riding this morning. The terrain and additional weight on the bike is taking its toll and Eric’s ongoing repairs remain a priority. Eric is in good condition physically and has not mentioned any issues.

Today, Eric will ride approximately 100km to Prince Albert and then, depending on energy reserves, will stay atop the Swartberg Mountains or push through to Oudtshoorn. 

To follow Eric’s progress or receive regular updates, be sure to see the below. For information from Eric’s Facebook Page, click here. To view the Twitter Feed that is coming through, click here. and to donate to Eric’s journey, click here.

Eric can also be tracked via the SotGen3 Tracker that he is wearing. To track Eric via this device, click here.

Kyle Deeley

Kyle Deeley

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