27 Aug, 2014

Fair enough

You might be trying to get your wife into cycling? Or perhaps you have heard about a new full carbon, full suspension super mountain bike and you would like to test ride it? Or even if you just want to have an excuse to go and enjoy a beer with your cycling friends?

Now these are all pretty good reasons to make your way to the African Cycle Fair, which will take place over the last weekend of October.

“As a cyclist, you would want to visit the African Cycle Fair to see all the latest gear, gadgets and technology and the kids can come along and play on the pump track or in the kids zone,” said ArtLogic’s Rob Heath, the organiser.

In addition to all the food stalls, bike shop and importers’ stalls and gear stalls, visitors to the African Cycle Fair will discover the other side of cycling with electric bikes, hand-made bikes, wooden bikes and perhaps even a bamboo bike.

This year, a number of fun events have been organised for the African Cycle Fair, which includes short and long distance mountain bike events, a semi-supported 120 kilometre road ride and, of course, the “unofficial all Africa Cyclecross Championships”, complete with “beer-drinking” short cuts, riding through foam and all sorts of entertainment.

“We will also have a trail run as we have found a lot of cyclists run and that a lot of runners cycle as part of their cross training,” explained Rob.

The 2014 Standard Bank African Cycle Fair will take place on 24 – 26 October at the Nirox Foundation Sculpture Park in the Cradle of Humankind. For more information, visit the website