27 Aug, 2014

Getting race ready

In 2009, professional cyclist Arran Brown achieved something that had never been done before, or since. He won South Africa’s three biggest road races, the Pick ‘n Pay Argus, the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the Amashova Classic in the same year. With the Durban event next month and the Johannesburg race in November, he has kindly agreed to share his race knowledge with us so, hopefully, we’ll all meet our race targets.

Hi fellow cyclists,

Well it’s that time of the year again and time to get ready for the big day.

I would like to share some knowledge on how best to prepare for such an event in terms of what is most important and what isn’t for you to have a successful race.

In the case of the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Race, it is known as Johannesburg’s toughest race but do not let this scare you. Many cyclists have not only ridden the race over the years but they were able to finish it well within their personal targets.

There are a few sections of the route that are quite challenging but all in all it really isn’t too bad if you prepare well and follow the following tips.

Enter some races before hand and use these as preparation for the bigger race. This will help you become accustomed to riding in a bigger bunch at a higher average speed.

Eat healthy foods (Fish, vegetables, ostrich fillet, chicken etc).

Follow a training program and stick to it.

Allow your body to recover by having a full night’s sleep each night.

Keep your mind focused on what you set out to achieve.

Make sure your equipment is in good working order.

Buy a proper carbo, energy drink specific for endurance sport. Be careful of drinks with too much sugar as this will spike your energy.

Use an energy gel every hour in the race. In other words, if you ride for three hours, you should use three energy gels.

Make sure your bike set-up is correct to prevent injury and maximize comfort.

Pace yourself during the race. A guide here is that you should try and ride the second half of the race quicker than the first. It is difficult, particularly riding in a peloton, but rather increase your average speed during the race than go flat out in the beginning and then hit the wall.

Take two bottles of mix or take one bottle mix and one bottle of water, whatever you prefer. It is very important to keep yourself well hydrated.

Do not take the last week off before the race, a huge mistake people often make. Try and do a few short rides to keep your legs turning, this will help come race day. You do not want your body to slip into “recovery mode” right before race day.

Do not get too involved with “supplements” as all you need is a proper carbo drink and possibly a recovery drink if you are doing long training rides.

People always say you should “carbo load” before the race, this does not mean you have to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and supper. Have a normal breakfast and directly after training or the night before the race have a high carbohydrate meal like spaghetti bolognaise for example.

Probably the most important aspect of cycling is that you enjoy it, and the more you prepare for a race, the more you’ll enjoy it too.

So, have fun and good luck!

Arran Brown

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