16 Jul, 2015

Heart rate vs Power

Nic and Diane White with Scott McKenzie from Complete Cyclist
Diane White tells everyone who attended the CC Shop Talk last night at Complete Cyclist Bedfordview how to use power meters to improve training effectiveness.
So why have power meters taken over from heart rate monitors as the number one training tool?

According to Diane White from White Inc, heart rate is subjective (it can change according to variables like whether you are sick, lack sleep, undergoing stress etc) and it lags (you need to work up to your chosen heart rate zone and then you might overshoot it).

“However, power is always objective, there are no excuses, and it also gets up to the desired training level quickly and efficiently,” she commented.

Diane spoke at last night’s (Wednesday 15 July) CC Shop Talk at Complete Cyclist Bedfordview, explaining that by using power meters in training, cyclists can go from riders with a relatively low level of fitness to Absa Cape Epic finishers in a few months.

Her husband Nic then spoke about power meters themselves and the various options cyclists have.

“They started out being very expensive but now they have actually become more affordable,” he said.

Apart from stationary training bikes, there are various options for those wanting power meters. These include crank-based systems (both on the crank itself and in the front chain ring), rear wheel hub systems and pedal systems.

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Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

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