13 Apr, 2016

Jabra Sport Pulse Earphones


Technical Specs:

·         Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

·         In-ear heart-rate monitor

·         Android and iOS app support

·         built-in remote

·         IP55 certified drop

·         dirt and temperature tested

·         4.5-hour battery life

What’s great about these earphones is they are a one-stop shop, giving you all you need for a variety of training disciplines. Set-up is simple: Download the app, connect the earphones via Bluetooth on your phone and you are ready to go… but it’s when you start exploring the app that you see the true magnitude of what this product offers, from guided cross-training workouts, to workouts for riding and running, or simply just a track function if you are one that doesn’t like others to tell you what to do.

The earphones have a full set of ear gels, which is great for finding the perfect fit for your ear. There are also outer ear-wings, so you can choose if you want extra grip to hold them in place – this depends entirely on what training you choose to you with them. I was using them more for cross-training, so wings weren’t necessary, but if you are riding or running I would suggest adding them, which is a simple, easy process. The really fantastic thing about them is that because they connect via Bluetooth, you don’t have a dangling wire to deal with – the connecting wire fits neatly behind your head.

When it comes to using the earphones, the process was simple and the app interface was great, showing you where you were in terms of your goals as well as giving you your heart rate zone throughout the workout. Every now and then I would give a startled jump as the earphones suddenly told me my progress, including distance, time and heart rate. There is even a built-in playlist, so you have music when training, and you have the option of connecting to your own iTunes playlist.

All in all, the product is incredibly user-friendly, with a range of functions to suit any type of training – I found the cross-fit workouts especially useful, as they even provided guided imagery to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly! The only problem with earphones is that they are a no-no for races, and when training on the road it’s generally better to have one earphone in and one out, to make sure you are aware of your surroundings. That said, if you just use the training set-up and don’t play music, you will still be able to hear what is going on around you.

Retailing from between R1000 to R3000, the headphones are available at a variety of stores, including CycleLab Fourways, Dion Wired and iStore, or simply go to More information can be found at