15 Jul, 2016

Keagan on The Mend


Earlier this year, South African, New Zealand based Team Dimension Data Continental Team rider Keagan Girdlestone, was in a critical condition in hospital after being involved in a major crash at the Coppa della Pace Race in Italy.

Due to the seriousness of the accident, the race was immediately cancelled and riders and vehicles were directed to the finish. Initial reports on social media platforms claimed that Keagan had passed away due to the injuries he sustained, while a post on his father’s Facebook Page corrected the reports saying that Keagan was in hospital and in a critical condition.

“There were four laps to go in the race and we had covered 105km of racing. It was about 16h20 and Keagan had fallen on a downhill section and was strong enough to recover and returned to the lead group. Then, a team car slowed sharply and Keagan crashed violently into the back of the car sustaining serious facial injuries,” said joint Race Director Raffaele Babini.

Once again, the family would like to thank all for their kind words and encouragement. Keagan is just 19 years of age and had just joined the Dimension Data Continental Team for the new cycling season. The Coppa della Pace was Keagan’s seconds race in Europe after having competed in the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali.

Now, nearly two months after a horrific near-death accident in a race in Italy, smashing into the back of a team car and suffering severe injuries to his neck and throat, SA's Keagan Girdlestone has been released from ICU and is making a steady recovery in a hospital in Italy.

Keagan is able to move his hands by himself and his legs are now mobile. Although Keagan cannot lift his hand to his mouth by himself, doctors say he has made good progress. Due to the blood loss Keagan sustained at the scene of the crash, the left side of his brain was starved of blood and oxygen.

Keagans reactions are improving and are not as slow as they were when he first made movement. His recovery is going well and the fact that he has been released from ICU is a big step in the right direction.

For more updates on Keagans road to recovery and his progress going foward click here.

Kyle Deeley

Kyle Deeley

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