14 Jul, 2016

Letshego Shows us How It's Done

Continuing our regular Q&A with cycling personalities, we chat to passionate athlete Letshego Zulu, who shares her enthusiasm with everyone around her in her quest to get everyone happy, fit and healthy! Having conquered the Absa Cape Epic, she has now moved into the world of triathlon, taking her ‘can do’ attitude with her, because anything is possible if you just put the work in to get there. Join us for a peek behind Letshego’s helmet!
MC: Who taught you to ride a bike?
LZ: My Uncle taught me how to ride when I was about four years old. He removed my tricycle wheels and I rode into a rose bush first, bawled my eyes out, and then he convinced me to get back on and try again.
MC: What is your favourite cycling memory growing up?
LZ: The first time I rode without my tricycle wheels. I felt invincible!
MC: Who is Letshego when she is not cycling?
LZ: A sportswoman, wife, mother, biokineticist, and fitness enthusiast.
MC: What is it about cycling that really just makes you smile?
LZ: The fact that there’s so much to see when I’m on the bike. We miss so much when we’re driving.
MC: Tell us about your biggest achievement as a cyclist.
LZ: Successfully completing the Toughest Multi Stage Mountain Bike Race in the World… The Absa Cape Epic in 2013.
MC: What race is your absolute favourite, and why?
LZ: Babbas Lodge MTB, because I raced so hard that I ended up on the podium twice!
MC: What’s been the hardest cycling-related lesson that you have had to learn?
LZ: I’m primarily a runner, and cycling is a secondary sport for me. I struggle with climbing. For some reason I just don’t have the power, but I’ll work on it one day. The sport needs serious dedication and time in the saddle – improvements won’t happen overnight.
MC: When you have those down and out moments on the bike, what gets you through?
LZ: My Husband Gugu’s voice telling me to keep going.
MC: Do you feel as a woman you are taken less seriously as a Mountain Biker?
LZ: Not at all. I’ve given a lot of men a run for their money on the bike! (Laughs out loud)
MC: What to date has been your most embarrassing technical blunder?
LZ: Goodness! I’ve had too many good memories on the bike that trump all the bad and embarrassing moments.
MC: What is one thing nobody knows about you?
LZ: I’m a pretty good dancer.
MC: Where do you see yourself in the future?
LZ: Within the sporting side of thing, I see myself becoming a pretty good triathlete both on road and off-road.
MC: Who is your ultimate riding partner?
LZ: My Husband. He introduced me to cycling events (both MTB and Road) and coached me to become the rider I’ve become. He’s an amazing riding partner.
MC: What is it about mountain biking that gets you excited?
LZ: The excitement of the constantly changing terrain. It keeps things exciting. You can never get bored or switch off while you’re mountain biking.
MC: Who would you regard as your mentor and why?
LZ: With regards to cycling, definitely my husband – 90% of the things I know I learnt from him. He’s more passionate about the sport and has been riding longer than I have, so he generally knows a lot more.
MC: How do you get ready for big races – what is your training focus?
LZ: Time in the saddle. Time in the saddle. Time in the saddle!
MC: What is your advice for those who have just started riding?
LZ: Invest in good equipment from the start so that you don’t have to keep replacing items every other month. Falling is one of those things that happens every now and then when you’re mountain biking, so take each fall as a learning curve, because it gets better as you learn to fall gracefully! (Laughs out loud)
MC: What is your favourite Quote?
LZ: “Rome wasn’t built in one day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” – John Heywood