05 Jun, 2015

Night racing gets hotter

The team from Galileo Risk line up at the start of the fourth race of the Over the Moon MTB Series.
Participants receive race goodies, including a copy of Modern Cyclist magazine.
The women's winner of race three of the Galileo Risk Over the Moon MTB Series, Marita Williams registering for the June event.
Modern Cyclist's Richard Laskey and Raymond Travers were there to ensure everyone got their copy of Modern Cyclist Magazine.
Marko van Deventer from Complete Cyclist was there to help out anyone with mechanical issues before the race.
Modern Cyclist team at it again!
The start, and the field head off into the night.
The cold was kept at bay with these "puppies".
Hayden Simpson from Galileo Risk, who rode the race himself finishing in 24th place, with the winners of the junior race. The winner of this race, Travis Barrett finished the course in fourth overall.
The winners of the women's race receive their prizes from Hayden Simpson from Galileo Risk.
The top four all finished in a time of less than an hour. And all of them received prizes from Hayden Simpson from Galileo Risk.
James Barnes received a prize, a six-pack of Castle Lite, because he went over the handlebars.

In spite of the cold weather, 150 brave mountain bikers pitched up to the fourth instalment of the Galileo Risk Over the Moon MTB Series at RideFree Bike Park, CPT Modderfontein on Wednesday night (3 June).

With a few fairly technical sections and around 340-odd metres of climbing, the 22 kilometre course wasn’t “easy” as riders needed to keep their wits about them, avoiding the hazards of drop-offs, tight corners, bridges and ruts. Although there were a few fast, jeep track sections, there weren’t many and a few riders were caught by the technical nature of the track.

However, four riders managed to blitz the one hour mark and 136 riders eventually finished the race. There was a “shebeen”, sponsored by Castle Lite, three or four kilometres from the end where a number of riders were probably “delayed”.

The men’s race was won by last year’s series winner Julius Cobbett (0:54:59) with Joe Bester (0:55:02) coming in a close second and James Barnes (0:57:47) taking the last step of the podium. Susan Sloan won the women’s race with her time of 1:05:46. Olga Rosenburg (1:09:08) and Inga Zietsman (1:12:54) were second and third respectively.

Travis Barrett (0:57:49) easily won the junior section with Brandon Pratt (1:05:21) and Noah Plein (1:07:49) finishing second and third respectively. Unfortunately there were no junior girl participants.

But one things for sure, everyone enjoyed the wood fires and boerewors rolls on offer afterwards. And the “adults” definitely enjoyed the sherry.

Race number five of the Galileo Risk Over the Moon MTB Series will take place on Wednesday 5 August at RideFree Bike Park, CPT Modderfontein. The race starts at 19:00 but try and get there early for registration. Keep tabs on the details by liking and visiting Modern Cyclist Magazine’s facebook page.

Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

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