22 Apr, 2017

Old Mutual Joberg2c Day 1 Report

We can do this!
Start Line Action
Our Saviour - free Beer!
Peaceful silence in the country side!
Crossing the Vaal River
Special Touches
Friendly Service
The field of riders
What every rider deserves after a long day, a burger and chocolate milk
The 900km journey kicks off with a 116km neutral ride from Karen Beef in Heidelberg to Frankfort School in the Freestate. In a field of 800 riders our two intrepid riders took on the course and this is their thoughts on the first day of their adventure.

When thinking of a name for Stage One of the Old Mutual joberg2c we thought long and hard and while we were anticipating a stage to ease us in, get the legs warmed up. But that was not to be, and the only way to describe the stage would be deception You pedal for almost every inch on Day one. You also pay for it if you're a bit over-exuberant in the first two thirds of the stage.

There's one climb, right in the beginning and while it's wasn't particularly taxing either but the stage slowly pulls you apart, one pedal-stroke at a time.

Our highlight of the day was Mother Nature herself. Just before water point three, we found a herd of cattle watching riders pass by on the banks of the dam. We decided to get a pic of them calmly watching and noticed it was dead-quiet. Absolutely none of the white noise that one grows used to in the city. Peace. The only noise we heard was the occasional cry of a Fish Eagle. Not something you experience very often.

Our personality of the day? The jovial lady we met at water point three happily dishing out beer! At this point the legs had cried enough and I swear there was a halo hovering above her! The beer was exactly what we needed to get us home and off we went straight to the finish line, where amazingly another beer was waiting for us on the finish line! A great day!

The 93km stage two - when the real racing of the Old Mutual joBerg2c begins - takes riders from Frankfort to Reitz. For the racing elite, the stage will be fast and furious, while for the rest of the field highlights will include the water point hosted by Skewerkop Boere Vereeniging (the best boerie rolls in the world) and the Husky Romi Wolf Sanctuary just outside Reitz.


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