13 Apr, 2016

Ryder Striders antiFOG Glasses


Technical Specs:

·         Fit: Medium to Small

·         Weight: 26g

·         Lens: Photochromic Anti-Fog

Most riding eyewear sells you on the fact that the glasses are guaranteed not to fog, but often it only takes one ride for those hopes to be dashed as you stop to have a drink and two seconds later the world disappears behind a foggy haze. As cyclists we have a moan about it, but in the end we make peace and move on, knowing we need to remove our glasses when stopping.

That’s where the Ryder Striders will make you incredibly happy. Ryder claim they will not fog up, and would you believe it, they’re telling the truth. I rode in overcast humid conditions without problems, then I rode in hot conditions of over 30 degrees and still no fogging. It was truly amazing, and just on that, I would recommend these glasses to fellow riders.

However, with every good there is often a bad… and the only thing that I could fault these glasses on, at first, was their very tight fit on one’s face. When I started riding, I was very aware of them, which meant I was constantly adjusting, as I am used to glasses being slightly looser. But once I had been riding for an hour I stopped noticing, and after a long ride of seven hours, I found myself appreciating the tight fit, especially when I was descending and was confident that I didn’t need to worry about them moving. Also, with the tighter fit it meant that I had no glare to contend, with as all angles were covered.

The Striders feature a lightweight but durable frame with adjustable nose pads, and aggressive lines give them their signature look.All in all a great pair of glasses that live up to their promise, and you can buy them for R2495 – contact David Boshoff on 082 789 1399 for more info and stockists.