24 Nov, 2015

Silly cycling season

Photograph by Jetline Action Photo

This time last year, we were basically on deadline for our third issue and planning our presence for our first expo at the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic.

This year, we are doing roughly the same thing.

As I write this, our plans to attend the various upcoming shows, events and expos are pretty much wrapped up and our 14th issue is nearing completion at a rapid rate.

For us (at the time of writing), we look forward to seeing you at either the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic, the Standard Bank Africa Cycle Fair, the FNB Wines2Whales or the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge. And I’m thinking to myself, October and November last year were crazy … so there is no reason why they can’t be crazy again this year!

And that got me thinking; perhaps this time of year is the local cycling scene’s “silly season”, where everything happens at such a rate that our thoughts and minds cannot keep up?

So, to make your cycling “silly season” a little more enjoyable, we’ve lined up some pretty cool articles for your reading enjoyment.

Firstly, we found a clown who has run the Comrades Marathon in a clown suit and now plans to ride the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge in that same clown suit!

Then we check out the mountain bike trail at Huddle Park and bring you a race report (from our own eyes and legs) of the Eqstra Spring Classic.

After that, we catch up with our good friend Grant Lottering to find out how his Alps conquest went. Just a little more on that, I’ve known Grant for almost a year now and, whenever I have seen or spoken to him – whether that was on the bike out in the Cradle or at our favourite Northcliff coffee shop – I realise how humble yet confident he is. And whenever I am in the pain locker, either on the road or trail, I think of Grant’s favourite saying: “nothing is impossible, you can do it!” and I find the inner strength to continue pedalling. Thank you Grant, you have been a huge inspiration to me and hopefully Modern Cyclist readers can find inspiration in the articles we’ve published about you.

We then take a look at that tough “little” race we seem to call the “DC”, and that doesn’t stand for “down in the Cape”! We also catch up with the Cow’s assault on the Gabran, which seems to be a party with “scattered cycling” about.

However, first on the list are our news snippets where we track down what we think are the most important news items you should know about.

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Inspired to pedal!

Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

Modern Cyclist Editor |