06 Jul, 2015

Sprint finishes for Oyster Festival

Nolan Hoffman celebrates as he crossed the line ahead of team mate Reynard Butler at the Momentum Knysna Oyster Festival Classic. Photograph by Marlon Jacobs/RaceTec.
Anriette Schoeman and Nolan Hoffman outsprinted their rivals to claim top honours in the women’s and men’s respective categories at the 2015 Momentum Knysna Oyster Festival Classic on Sunday.

Anriette, who finished the 109 kilometre route in a time of 2:58:30, outsprinted Lisa Olivier over the line. Carmen Buchacher crossed the line two seconds behind Anriette and Lise. This marks the 17th time that Anriette has won this race.

In the elite men’s race, Nolan Hoffman outsprinted everyone and claimed his second victory (and his team’s third) in a time of 2:43:56. His team mate Reynard followed him over the line a split second later and Stefan Ihlenfeldt followed a second later.

“It was a hard day over the rolling climbs. I managed to get the four-man breakaway which allowed us to get a small head start on the first major climb,” Nolan commented after the race, “When the decisive split caught us, I knew I had to dig deep to stay up front. From there, I kept yo-yo-ing from the front but Reynard was brilliant and just stayed with me the entire second half of the race, helping me get back when I lagged behind.”

Nolan added that there is something that switches in your head and your “instinct” kicks in when sprinters like him are near the front with only 15 kilometres to go.

“With HB [Kruger] just off the front in the final one kilometre, it took pressure off me. But, as we caught him, I just chose the perfect line though the final 90 degree corner and put my head down and went for it,” he said.

Nolan also praised his team mate Reynard.

“It was a really impressive ride by Rey today who did an incredible workload during the race and still finished second, a great result for the team.”
Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

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