02 Feb, 2017

Substitution Entries for Cape Town Cycle Tour are Open


Subs! Are you ready? For those cyclists who missed the original entry cut-off in September 2016, the official substitution process for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour opened on Wednesday, 1 February 2017 at 13h00 and closes onFriday, 24 February 2017 at 13h00.Now is your chance to secure a spot in the 40th celebration of the world’s largest timed cycling event.


How it works:

The official substitution entry process allows cyclists who have entered, but no longer wish to participate, the chance to transfer their entry to someone who wants to ride. Those looking for an entry should complete an online substitution entry by visiting, clicking on SUBSTUTIONS and following the instructions to secure their substitution entry.

Remember, the withdrawing entrant may request that the substitute entrant refund their entry fee, but they may not ask for more than they originally paid. PPA members paid an entry fee of R480 and non-PPA members paid an entry fee of R510.Cyclists who choose to withdraw from the event will NOT receive a refund from the organizers.

In addition, a fee of R290 is applicable to all substitution entries.Organizers will send a confirmation letter to the substitute entrant within five working days of receiving the consent letter and the substitute entrant will be notified of their race number and start time closer to the time.All documentation must reach the organizers by Friday, 24 February at 1pm. No late substitutions will be accepted.


Group entries:

This substitution process does not apply to group entries. Group Entrants wishing to substitute their entry must please contact their group administrator to facilitate a substitution.


Important Information:

Organizers have again urged cyclists not to allow anybody else to use their allocated race number. “Not only does it have an impact on our system of delivering accurate results to all our participants, but important information such as medical and emergency contact details are linked to a rider’s race number.  We need this information to be readily available in case of an emergency,” explains David Bellairs, a Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, organizers of the annual event.

“We’ve had to implement stringent rules to ensure the safety of all cyclists participating in the event, and we strongly advise all cyclists to use only the race number allocated to them.  Those participating with another cyclist’s race number will be disqualified and the original entrant will be suspended from future events,” he adds.


Collection of numbers and the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo

Substitute entrants can collect their race numbers at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo being held at the Cape Town Stadium from 9 – 11 March 2017. Every entrant must make use of their RaceTec or Winning Time chip to access the Expo.

For more information on the substitution entry process, contact the Cycle Tour Race Office on 087 820 7223, email

Kyle Deeley

Kyle Deeley

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