30 Nov, 2015

The Hoff' wins Stellies Tour

Local cycling superstar Nolan Hoffman wins the 2015 Stellenbosch Cycle Tour.
2015 Stellenbosch Cycle Tour men’s and ladies elite winners, Nolan Hoffman and Anriëtte Schoeman.

Nolan Hoffman from Team Alfa Body Works clinched the 9th Stellenbosch Cycle Tour title in idyllic cycling racing conditions for the front runners, finishing the slightly longer 101km route in 02:20:10 and edging out second place Evan Carstens (Team Giant Durbanville) by half a tyre width.

In a sprint finish, Carstens held off stiff competition from Shameeg Sale (Team Cape Town Giants) who secured third place to complete the men’s elite podium at the 2015 race.

Team Africa Silks Bestmed’s Anriëtte Schoeman won her second Stellenbosch Cycle Tour title after pipping 2013 winner Jennie Stenerhag (Team Ascendis Health) at the post to finish in a time of 02:33:54. Team Seatlle Coffee’s Carmen Buchacher finished third to take bronze.

Hoffman was delighted to secure the top spot. “I had a good day on the bike - when you're winning it's always a good day! The weather played it's part and wasn't too hot - perfect for riding. Traffic services and organisation at this event is always incredible. For us, the detour didn’t have a big impact - I'm a local boy and I know the roads, so I'm familiar with the route. I'm also used to longer distances so that played in my favour.”

Thousands of cyclists lined up to participate in the last seeding event of the year in windless conditions that resulted in extremely hot temperatures as the morning wore on.

Commenting on her second victory, Schoeman says, “I'm thrilled to win, because I've just come back from a bit of a holiday. On any given day, going up against Jennie is tough because she always brings her A-game. She was really strong in the race, but I expected that, so I just rode my own race and concentrated on getting myself to the finish line.”

Liberty – Own your life Rewards, the value added services and rewards business for the Liberty Group, came on board as a sponsor of the event last year.

Rebecca Eliot, Managing Director Liberty Value Added Services and Rewards, says: “Liberty is proud to be associated with this iconic and well organized event and it’s a great opportunity to promote our new virtual cycling club, ProTouch. Cycling enthusiasts can join the ProTouch Cycling Club and enjoy free and race entries, Italian-made cycling kit, special invites to rides, tours and packages.”

101km Race Results

Elite Men 1st: Nolan Hoffman (Team Alfa Body Works) (02:20:10)
Elite Men 2nd: Evan Carstens (Team Giant Durbanville) (02:20:10)
Elite Men 3rd: Shameeg Sale (Team Cape Town Giants) (02:20:10)

Elite Ladies 1st: Anriëtte Schoeman (Team Africa Skills Bestmed) (02:33:54)
Elite Ladies 2nd: Jennie Stenerhag (Team Ascendis Health) (02:33:55)
Elite Ladies 3rd: Carmen Buchacher (Team Seattle Coffee) (02:33:56)