14 Jun, 2016

The Way to Roll!


We checked out the new R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller and rather enjoyed the experience.

With the pressures of training for endurance events, many athletes find themselves needing weekly appointments with their physio or sports massage therapist to keep their ITBs and quads from rebelling against the rigorous training schedules they put their bodies through. It’s a costly exercise, so wouldn’t it be great to provide some relief to that overstretched wallet with a DIY option? While we can’t guarantee that you will stop seeing that physio, we can tell you that visits will become less as you use the R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller.

Designed to give you a deep tissue massage, the rollers work on those problem areas to help release muscles and speed up recovery. The design makes it easy to use on the hamstrings, ITB area and the glutes, and you can use it sitting, standing, or even lying on a bed.


Feel the Release

Now the million-dollar question, does it work? While we were sceptical to begin with, given the relatively complicated look of the roller compared to a simple foam roller or ball, we found that after a week of hard riding and using this afterwards, we were pleasantly surprised. The deep tissue part is no lie, and when you are using the rollers you need to prepare yourself, because it is not for sissies! Just as a physio makes you wince in pain, the rollers will do the same, but know that this pain means your muscles are releasing, making that ride or run the next day easier. It’s honestly like you have a full-time masseuse on staff, in the comfort of your own home, at any time. It’s a win-win!


The R8 roller retails at R2500. For more info, visit or contract Haiko on 082 469 7551.

Technical Specs:

·         Body made from reinforced Zytel thermoplastic.

·         Strong, corrosion-resistant torsion springs provide adequate massage force.

·         Wheels are polyurethane with smooth rolling ABEC5 bearings.

·         Stainless steel and aluminium hardware.

·         Size: 30cm x 25cm x 7cm.