07 Aug, 2015

Three "must get" bandages

Julius Delport with his friends Dimitri Paykov (left) and Hannes Kruger (right).
The first three juniors home.
The overall men's winners.
The first three women home.
Diepsloot Mountain Biking Academy and friends.
GalileoRisk's Hayden Simpson and friends.
Warming post-race legs at the fire.
Charles Zeelie, Marko van Deventer (Complete Cyclist), Adri van Zyl (Complete Cyclist) and announcer Alistair (Allycat Events).
Every pre-booked rider received a free Castle Light and a hamburger after the ride.
Having fun with friends and family after the race.
Enjoying a bit of fun after the race.
Munching their burgers are members of Team 50 Shades of Mud "The Godfather", "Downhill Queen" and "The Colonel".
The social side of mountain bike night races.
They came. They rode. And they pretty much conked out.
But, instead of hiding away in a warm bed, they braved the cold and took part in the fifth race of the GalileoRisk Over the Moon MTB Series of night races at RideFree Bike Park, Central Park Trails at Modderfontein.
“This was the first time I have been on a bike since high school,” said a bandaged Julius Delport (26). Julius was coerced into riding the 23 kilometre race by his friends Dimitri Paykov and Hannes Kruger only a few moments before the 19:00 start of the race which took place on Wednesday 5 August.
Even although he crashed out of the race and ended with an official “DNS” behind his name, Julius has vowed to return and race the next event in the series with better equipment (he rode the race on an old bike without much in the way of a light and in a pair of shorts, a golf shirt and “vellies”).
Up front, the race itself was blitzed by the only rider to finish the course in less than an hour (0:56:41), Jarred Else. Two riders from the Diepsloot Mountain Biking Academy, Tebogo Mokwatlo (1:00:08) and Clement Mabula (1:00:12) took the other two positions on the podium.
First woman home was Nicolette Griffioen (1:01:57) with Chiara De Siena (1:09:33) and Olga Rosenberg (1:09:39) dicing it out for second and third place.
The course itself was fairly hard, with a few more climbs than previous events but without that much technical sections to worry about (although there were quite a few crashes).
Special mention should be given to Jean “Downhill-Queen” Reynolds who, together with a few other members of “Team 50 Shades of Mud”, rode their first night race … ever. They all crossed the line on the 1:48:25 (-odd) mark. Very brave indeed.
Julius’s two friends, Dimitri and Hannes, also ended the race with a pair of “DNSs” in front of their names and he will, no doubt, turn the tables on them and coerce them to ride the next race in the series, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 2 September.
Look out for updates on Julius’s new found mountain bike night racing career … if he decides to take Modern Cyclist’s offer of a free entry for the next event.
Check out!otm-mtb-series/cpz6 for more information.
Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

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