28 Oct, 2015

We all need someone to ride for


One thing about cyclists and the cycling “fraternity” that really pulled my heart strings when I first got involved was the fact that many, if not most, cyclists ride for some sort of charity.

Every charity under the sun seems to be represented at any large scale cycling event in South Africa, and I believe this is great because it not only gives these organisations a platform to raise necessary funds, but it also creates awareness for that particular charity.

Like these large events, Modern Cyclist has also dedicated itself to give publicity to “cycling-related” charities. Not only do we include a regular column, which we’ve called “Charity Corner”, but we also often find the stories about these rides so intriguing and inspirational that we make them into major features.

And most cyclists I’ve met who ride for a charity have real reasons for choosing that particular charity.

I find this particular trait which seems to be very common in our sport very admirable. And this month’s Charity Corner article is so admirable that it ended up on our front cover.

Even although his wife Carolyn is now clear of cancer, Rick Budai is, at the time of writing, riding “the long way around” from Nelspruit to Cape Town, spreading the word “Early Detection Saves Lives” for PinkDrive.

Our news page is full of charity related snippets too, including a cheque hand-over to Qhubeka, a call for cyclists to take part in the Cycle Tour of Hope and the Red Jersey hand-over to the individual who made the most money for charity before and during last year’s Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge.

Speaking of huge events, Modern Cyclist has again partnered with the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic and, if you riding this event, you can come and find us at the Expo and speak to us about getting your Modern Cyclist delivered to your inbox every month.

Our lead story this month is an interesting article by journalist and experienced mountain bike stage racer Teresa Coetzee who battles through the “minefield” of choosing the right partner for these events.

We again look at the Standard Bank Africa Cycle Fair. In particular, we check out that event’s “Best Bike in Africa” competition. Our mysterious Bike Whisperer tries to debunk all the fiction about chains with the facts and our 50 Shades of … Mud-riders try out night riding, with a certain amount of drama.

So, in spite of the now-shortened format, Modern Cyclist still manages to include all the important news, views and interviews that you need to know about. And, if that isn’t enough, you are welcome to check out our website – – for even more news, events, competitions and more. And while you there, register for our weekly newsletter and sign up to receive our digi mag – it’s all free!

Pedal for a purpose!

Raymond Travers

Raymond Travers

Modern Cyclist Editor |