01 Nov, 2014

What about power meters?


Joe de beer, via email:

Congratulations and many thanks are in order for the first edition of Modern Cyclist. It was a fantastic and varied read, can't wait for the next one!

I have two suggestions for articles please. The first is around tips for us "home mechanics" on how to do some maintenance on our bikes.

The second is advice for the increasing number of cyclists using power meters on how to develop training plans.

Keep the rubber side down ?


Hi Joe

Many thanks for your feedback. I’m truly glad you enjoyed our first edition and hope that you’ll continue to enjoy Modern Cyclist.

Thank you too for your suggestions. We'll certainly be tackling those two issues in months to come.

Our friendly mechanic - The Bike Whisperer - will be looking into a few maintenance "tips" as the months go by. He has already introduced himself (September) and given us tips on how to get our bikes race ready (October).

This month, he tackles the often thorny issue of why we should service our bikes regularly.

An article on power meters is an excellent idea and I approached Nic and Diane White to research and write this interesting article for us. Nic is a cyclist, through and through, having rode at elite level for many years and his wife Diane is a professional cyclist trainer, so both are well suited to giving us the low down on power meters. Barring another earth quake, this article should go in our December issue so please ensure you have registered to receive our digi mag, that way you know you’ll read it.