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LeBron made Jordan really nervous. Michael’s greatness is reeling like never before

The NBA will soon determine the champion. The finals of the Eastern and Western Conferences have begun. In the East, Miami Heat has already managed to beat the Boston Celtics (117: 114 OT) in the first match of the series. In the West, the Los Angeles Lakers – Denver Nuggets confrontation is about to start.

Frankly speaking, the rival of the Lakers in the conference finals was not Denver at all, but the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the main favorite of the season lost the 3-1 lead in the series and took off ingloriously.

Anti-record of US sports leagues. The Clippers have been the country’s main loser for half a century

Peers from the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and NFL look to the Clippers as an example that shouldn’t be imitated. This franchise seems to be hopeless.


Clippers, led by Kawaii Leonard and Paul George , were seen as the main obstacle to LeBron James to the title. Now she’s gone. The Nuggets should never be underestimated or discounted. This is a very dangerous rival who will punish the Lakers for any manifestation of a hatred attitude. The organized teams of the East, Boston and Miami, are also not as weak as they seem. Nevertheless, it is clear that LeBron James’ road to his fourth title in his career looks quite simple. And it turns into a lively debate about the greatest player in basketball history. James has the best chance to get close to Michael Jordan. You mustn’t let it go.

Even if LeBron becomes champion this year, most fans and experts will still put Jordan first. However, James’s career will not end there, and the gap will noticeably narrow. By US standards, it is no longer so significant.

Six months ago, NBA analysts used data from Twitter to find out who in the country thinks the best player in league history is Michael Jordan and who favors LeBron James.

Experts analyzed about 100 thousand entries on the social network, including geodata, and made a virtual map of the states, as is done during the US elections.

“Jordan barely beat James. 26 states have preferred the Chicago Bulls legend. 24 subjects voted for James. LeBron was chosen in the states located in the south and west of the country. Jordan dominated the US northeastern and central west, ”insider Meredith Cash writes.

Photo available on the FadeawayWorld Twitter page.

In case of victory, James will further increase the advantage in California, the largest state in the country by population (almost 40 million people). LeBron will honor the tragically deceased Lakers basketball legend Kobe Bryant in the best possible way and will add his name to the list of great performers who have won the title in the eminent franchise.

LeBron is better than Jordan. Not only as a player, but also as a person

The King is overly belittled, and His Air is sometimes too praised.

There is also a percentage measurement by US standards as a whole, and not separately by state. ESPN conducted a survey in May of users who were asked to choose the best one between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

73% of those surveyed preferred Jordan.

73 to 27 is almost a threefold advantage for Michael. Although it is worth making allowances for the fact that the poll was conducted right after the acclaimed TV series “The Last Dance”, which definitely added votes to Georgiana. Rumor has it that Michael forced the show during the coronavirus pandemic in order to loudly announce himself. LeBron regularly breaks historical records and dominates at the age of 35. Michael became seriously nervous, because losing the title of greatest is not part of his plans. So far, His Air is in the first place, but there is a clear trend towards closing the gap on the part of LeBron. I had to react somehow.

The great Michael Jordan is lying and hypocritical in The Last Dance. Is this ok?

Many people did not like the story of His Air. Even the legend’s partner calls the series “bullshit”.

The main argument for Jordan in the debate about the greatest player in history is 6 victories in 6 NBA finals in a career. LeBron has just three titles with 6 losses in a decisive series. Few analyze the details and take into account the circumstances. Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have beaten weak opponents in the finals. Michael did not face superteams, dominant dynasties with “four-headed monsters” like the Golden State Warriors (featuring 4 superstars Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draimond Green) or San Antonio Spurs (Jeanne Tim Duncan, Man Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard).

The Golden State and San Antonio dynasties have had a hand in LeBron’s 5 and 6 NBA Finals losses. Whom did Jordan beat in the decisive series? Seattle Supersonics, twice Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns and Lakers, led by the aging Magic Johnson. Not an impressive list at all. Seattle with Gary Payton are downright mediocre. Clyde Drexler’s Portland is pretty much the same. Utah leaders Karl Malone and John Stockton have never won a title in their careers and are considered some of the biggest chokers in league history. A similar situation is with Charles Barkley, the main star of “Phoenix”.

Jordan didn’t beat super teams. He was part of them. Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Tony Kukoch could always back up Michael. At the start of his career, Jordan consistently lost to Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics or Isaiah Thomas to the bad guys Detroit Pistons. In the first half, these dynasties (weaker than the Golden State and San Antonio that LeBron faced) became obsolete. Michael and “Chicago” took full advantage of this and occupied a vacant niche, winning titles one after another. In addition, it should be noted that Jordan worked with the great coach Phil Jackson, who took 11 championship rings. LeBron has never crossed paths with such specialists.

Became inadequate and degraded. The story of the fall of the great Phil Jackson

Recent years have been dire for the most decorated coach in NBA history.

LeBron James has one outstanding achievement. The King won the Eastern Conference Finals 8 times in a row between 2011-2018. And he did it without interrupting his career, unlike Jordan who took a break twice. In fact, the level of LeBron’s opponents in the East Finals was comparable to those that Jordan beat in the NBA Finals. It is difficult to compare different eras, but James constantly removed from the path of modern analogues of Malone-Stockton-Barkley-Payton in the person of Paul George, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap, the aged Kevin Garnett (this suggests a comparison with Magic, whom Jordan played in the final 1991) and others. Only these were conference finals, not the NBA as a whole. It’s just that in the 21st century, the West is an order of magnitude stronger than the East, and in the Jordan era, the opposite situation was observed.

Be that as it may, it is always important to take the plunge. You can’t argue with dry numbers. Jordan has 6 out of 6, LeBron has 3 out of 9. James’ heroic victory in the 2016 final over Golden State after being 1-3 behind in the streak really equates to Jordan’s three titles. But this is all convention.

6 out of 6 provide Jordan with a comfortable “airbag”, but His Air is not all that unattainable as the greatest in history. Titles are important, but there are other aspects as well. For example, durability. LeBron has dominated the league without interruption since 2003. And it looks capable of doing it for at least another five years. LeBron already has a huge number of outstanding historical records. The collection will only grow. James has just entered the NBA season for the 16th time in his career, a record in league history. James has surpassed the legendary Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, who are 15 times included in the national teams of the season. James is included in the symbolic teams of the season for the 16th time in a row. This is a record streak in NBA history. Previously, LeBron shared the lead with Bryant (15 hits in a row).

LeBron will surely surpass Karim Abdul-Jabbar’s “eternal” record (38,387 points) in scoring in the NBA. It remains to play a couple of years to do this. James will also make his legacy shine with new colors by playing on the same team instead of his son Bronny. A goal that can be met as early as 2023 or 2024.

The daring juvenile major is bathed in luxury. Who is Bronnie James, son of the great LeBron

The time of the King’s heir will come soon. Of course, winning titles is important. It doesn’t have to be six like Jordan’s. But at least one is required.

Former NBA player and now ESPN analyst Jalen Rose revealed the importance of the fourth ring to LeBron.

“If LeBron wins his fourth title, everyone who has never seen Michael Jordan play will be convinced that LeBron is the greatest player in history. Here’s what happens. If LeBron wins with the Lakers in a bubble during the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone is forced to watch the NBA, as all fans were forced to watch The Last Dance, these millennials will be intolerable. They will act like LeBron has more than six titles, ”said Rose.

While we can state the fact that the race for the greatest player of all time has revived. Jordan’s greatness is reeling like never before. LeBron’s five titles, combined with a new record of history, could drastically change the perception of the greatest player in history in a few years.

LeBron has single-handedly surpassed 21 NBA franchises combined. I didn’t even have to strain

And the King also has a new outstanding achievement in the history of the league and three records of the century together with Anthony Davis. Houston is completely smashed.

However, James walks on thin ice. LeBron simply has no right not to win the championship this season. This will roll back his position on an astronomical scale. Denver, Miami or Boston can prevent the King and his partner Anthony Davis. On paper, the opponents are pretty weak, but who knows what will happen in the experimental conditions of the bubble?