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Good training for Spartak in the Cup. Urunov scored beautifully, but Kokorin failed again

This season, the Russian Cup is held in a new, original format. Instead of the usual stages of 1/32 and 1/16 of the playoff finals – the elite group round. It is attended by 10 Premier League teams from among those who did not make it to the European cups. Each of the ten groups has one representative from RPL, FNL and PFL. There are only three rounds in the group stage – teams from the lower leagues play at home. Only the winners will qualify for the 1/8 finals.

Spartak’s rivals are Yenisey Krasnoyarsk and Rodina Moscow. The representative of the PFL agreed with the red and white to hold a home match at the Otkritie Arena. By the way, you can read more about Rodina in this Championship material:

Today they are the hosts at the Otkritie Arena. Rodina wants to play with Spartak more often – in the RPL

The red and white have a very interesting opponent in the Cup.

It is unlikely that anyone would be surprised if Domenico Tedesco completely changed the line-up compared to the match against CSKA. Only three days have passed since the derby, and on September 20 Spartak will play in Kazan with Rubin. But, oddly enough, only Samuel Zhigot, Nail Umyarov, Jordan Larsson and Ezequiel Ponce were missing from the base of the red and white. They were replaced by Ilya Kutepov, Oston Urunov, Alexander Sobolev and Alexander Kokorin , who played for Spartak for the first time in the starting lineup.

Spartak needed eight shots per goal

Rodina started the game boldly. Already in the 2nd minute Nikita Eremenko earned a dangerous free kick. Kutepov, who fouled on the left midfielder, was probably surprised by the fact that such a fast and sharp opponent was playing against him. The nominal hosts almost scored an early goal: Vladislav Volkov hit his head just above the gate.

However, the strike from the central defender was the only one for Rodina before the break. After that the game was played on the blue-white half of the field, mostly even in the last third of the field. The red-whites were in full possession of the ball, while Denis Laktionov’s team held a deep defense. For the time being, the nominal owners managed to keep the zeros: the Rodina players blocked the direction of the passes, sat on the feet of the Spartak team. The ball did not reach Sobolev and Kokorin in comfortable positions, although once the ex-Zenit player organized a moment for Georgy Dzhikia . The captain was actively involved in attacks to create a numerical advantage in the play. Kokorin received a pass while in the penalty area with his back to the goal, and returned the ball to Djikia – the Rodina goalkeeper prevented the goal from taking place.

After half an hour of playing, it became very difficult for the blue and white to maintain the pace. Urunov should have scored his first goal for Spartak (the hosts were saved by a defender standing on the goal line), but Sobolev still scored. The eighth hit of “Spartak” in the match and the fourth on target. The center-forward completed a touchdown combination with the transfer of the ball from the center to the flank and the subsequent delivery of the ball to the penalty area. In addition to Sobolev, Kutepov, Zelimkhan Bakaev and the author of the assist Roman Zobnin took part in this combination.

Kokorin finally made his debut in Spartak. It turned out not at all as expected

The striker did not help the red and white to escape defeat in the derby.

In six minutes of the second half, the red and white scored three more times

Rodina also started the second half quite aggressively and almost won back. An inaccurate pass performed by Kokorin led to a counter-attack of the hosts – Eremenko, who had temporarily changed his position, fled to the Spartak goal through the Djikia zone, and struck not in the best way – on horseback right into Alexander Maksimenko . Georgy Yudintsev had the opportunity to play on the finishing move, but he handled the ball badly. The right chance was missed.

Equalize the blue-white score, it would be more interesting further. But instead, Rodina let the second one pass. Urunov nevertheless scored his first goal for Spartak, and he did it smartly. Auston showed the qualities that stood out in Ufa. With a dexterous trick, he beat two centerhaws of the opponent at once, and then skillfully executed the blow.

«Родина» – «Спартак» – 1:5

At 0: 2, Laktionov’s team was confused, just dropped out of the game for a while. Spartak took six minutes to score twice more. Rodina defenders allowed Ayrton (he also scored for the red and whites for the first time) and Roman Zobnin to deliver the ball into the penalty area, and they successfully turned into strikers.

Despite the major defeat, individual Rodina players will surely be remembered by the fans or even more so by the scouts of the FNL or RPL clubs. For example, the 17-year-old center forward Magomedhabib Abdusalamov . At the end of the hour of the match, he scored a great goal, leaving Maksimenko without a “crack”. Abdusalamov removed Kutepov with a false move and accurately shot into the far corner.

Perhaps the cup match gave an answer to the question why Tedesco does not put Kutepov in the base in the RPL – the former defender of the Russian national team is still losing the competition. Kokorin also did not shake against the background of the PFL team: Alexandra is still gaining and gaining shape after an injury. But Argentine Ponce, who replaced Kokorin, scored 10 minutes before the end, setting the final score 5: 1.