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I ran away from the ring so as not to fight Tyson. Fans threw everyone at Golota. Video

Iron Mike did not appreciate the decision of the Polish boxer. Tyson was held back with difficulty.

In 2000, Mike Tyson was far from his ideal form, but remained the most dangerous fighter. Iron Mike kicked off the new millennium with victories over Julius Francis and Lou Savarese in a total of three rounds. The 34-year-old boxer was rescued by the famous knockout punch, which allows him to compensate for the loss in speed and defensive skills. A prison and drug addiction survivor, Mike continued to be sloppy about training, relying on his unique talent. On October 20, 2000, Tyson met in Michigan with the famous Pole Andrzej Golota.

Tyson knocked out his opponent in 38 seconds and punched the referee. 20 years of scandalous battle

The fight, after which “Iron Mike” delivered one of his most famous and at the same time inadequate speeches.

Golota is an eccentric boxer who was 32 years old at the time of his meeting with Tyson. The Pole knew how to put on a show: two fights with Riddick Bowe were especially notable. In the first fight, Golota knocked out his opponent with an illegal kick in the groin, after which a massive fight broke out in the arena. Andrzej himself, who willingly took part in the scuffle, received several blows on the head with a radio. In the rematch, the Pole outplayed the American counterpart, but managed to break through a whole series below the belt in the ninth round and lost again by disqualification. Bowe hasn’t fought in eight years since that fight.

Tyson began the meeting with Golota in the usual style, holding the opponent by the ropes and unleashing several dozen blows on him. Andrzej was not helped by the advantage in size, Mike easily got out at a convenient distance for himself. The Pole could not adapt to the power of Iron Mike, received damage and at the end of the round fell into a knockdown after a powerful blow from the right. In the second round, Golota again played the role of a punching bag, escaping mainly with the help of a clinch. Andrzej was frankly discouraged and after the gong made the most unexpected decision of all.

Голота сбежал с ринга, чтобы не драться с Тайсоном

“I swear I didn’t do anything!” The night that changed Mike Tyson’s life forever

The legendary boxer still claims that he was jailed in vain.

Golota simply did not make it to the third round and began to argue with the coach, who is against stopping the fight. The Pole angrily brushed aside attempts to insert a mouthguard into his mouth, striding non-stop on his side of the ring. Soon the boxer climbed over the ropes altogether, going to the locker room under the watchful eye of the cameras. Tyson, who was announced an early victory, suddenly lost his temper. The American athlete wanted to get a clean knockout, the chance of which was very high. Iron Mike was reassured by his team, explaining that the fighter still achieved his goal.

The most dissatisfied was the audience deprived of a paid show, deafening noise and whistling rose in the arena. At first, the hurriedly leaving Golota was accompanied only by aggressive shouts, but soon the fans began to throw at him all the objects at hand. Fruit, coins and glasses of drinks flew at the Polish boxer: a can with an energy drink that got into Golota painted the athlete’s figure red. Amid the growing hooting, the boxer finally hid in the back rooms under the guards’ cover.

Representatives of the Showtime TV channel, which organized the fight, were also upset. Channel executives called Golota a coward and announced that they would no longer cooperate with the Polish athlete. Soon, Andrzej gave an interview in which he explained his act with a serious injury. They laughed at his excuses, but a medical examination revealed serious injuries in the boxer: a fractured cheekbone and a concussion. Also, Golota was diagnosed with problems with the spine, due to which he dropped out of the sport for almost three years.

Like grandmothers in the bazaar. Tyson and Jones have not yet entered the ring, but have already quarreled over money

A fight that promised to be legendary, while turning elderly boxers into a laughing stock.

Tyson never got his victory: traces of marijuana were found in his blood, the result of the meeting was canceled. Next Iron Mike knocked out Brian Nielsen and lost to the legendary Lennox Lewis in the title fight. After the failure, Tyson spent three more official fights, losing twice. The great boxer, who never fully realized his potential, left the sport at 38. However, very soon, 54-year-old Tyson will return to the ring and fight with Roy Jones Jr.