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Shapi has not scored or provided assists since November 2019. What happened to him?

Do you remember the words of Sergey Galitsky about “11 pupils in the club”? It seemed that when Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov, Ivan Ignatiev, Matvey Safonov and the rest of the Krasnodar Academy graduates began to appear in the RPL one after another, like mushrooms after rain, the owner of the Krasnodar club would rapidly turn a dream into reality. And it will be a sweet reality in which Krasnodar with its boys takes trophies and makes the whole of Russia fall in love with itself.

But life has its own scenario. In it Ignatiev has been Rubin’s forward since December 2019. And Suleimanov on September 13, 2020, on the day of the failed match “Rotor” – “Krasnodar”, plays for the farm club “bulls” in the FNL against the Khabarovsk SKA. His younger attacking partners Eduard Spertsyan and Leon Sabua are gaining 2 + 1 each, and Shapi leaves the field in the 77th minute without effective action.

Russia may lose one more talent. Ignatiev’s career is moving somewhere wrong. Inspired by Ivan’s performance for the youth team, but not only.

Suleimanov has not looked like himself for a long time. The head coach of Krasnodar Murad Musaev explained the decline in the right winger’s game by the consequences of the coronavirus.

“You know that he was ill, this is all very serious. It takes time for us to see the old Shapi. He goes to this step by step, but we cannot jump over some things. He has a great desire, he is over-motivated. I am sure we will soon see a powerful, aggressive, sharp Shapi, ”Musaev assured in early July.

Disease is an objective excuse, it seems like you can’t argue with that. However, there is one but. Suleimanov took the “crown” in early May, and the disease, according to him, was mild. The decline in the right winger’s play lasts much longer. Shapi has not scored or provided assists for Krasnodar since November 7, 2019 – for 21 matches!

The last effective action Suleimanov made in the home meeting of the group stage of the Europa League with Trabzonspor. After that, the pupil of Krasnodar unsuccessfully played two LE matches and 13 matches of the Russian Championship until the end of the 2019/2020 season. In August, the dry streak increased by another six matches of the new RPL season.

Krasnodar recognized the Champions League rival. Extremely strange victory of PAOK over Benfica

Benfica spent a lot of money, but have already left the Champions League.

In part, Shapi’s sad statistics can be attributed to the fact that he was more often a substitute than he was in the base of Krasnodar. But we only remember the 2018/2019 season, when Suleimanov was the leader of the RPL in terms of rate of fire with an insane rate of 68 minutes per goal. Then the right winger scored almost all of his goals, appearing on the field 20-40 minutes before the final whistle. Shapi was the king of the bench.

It is curious that Suleimanov’s other valuable statistics have not fundamentally changed. Take, for example, the first 23 games of last season (through November 7), in which the right-winger scored six goals and six assists. In them, according to InStat, Shapi performed 67 technical and tactical actions in an average of 90 minutes with 70% success. He struck 2.9 shots on goal (0.78 on target), made 3.8 strokes (2.5 successful) and entered 15 single combats (41% won).

Then, in 21 clean sheets, Suleimanov, on average, made 70 TTDs in 90 minutes of play with 76% success. He struck 3.0 hits (1.0 on target), 2.9 strokes (1.79 successful) and entered 13 single combats (44% won). Shapi, except that dribbling has become a little less common, but in general everything seems to be normal.

Nevertheless, when watching the matches of Krasnodar, it is striking that the 20-year-old winger has lost his courage. Either the unpleasant story with the signing of a new contract with the club influenced Suleimanov so much, or excessive competition on the flanks, where Musaev also has Wanderson, Remi Cabella and Viktor Klasson.

The coach, responding to the criticism of Shapi, recalls that until recently Suleimanov was called “the new Messi.” But in Russia, this is more of a sentence than a compliment. The fate of another “Russian Messi” is well known. Now Shapi has turned off the road of the Argentinean, following the path of Denis Davydov (not the hero of the Patriotic War).

“The judges can do whatever they want. And they will get nothing for it – they will all be ransacked ”

Arbiter Igor Fedotov – about Karasev’s work in the derby, Komlichenko’s strange removal and refereeing in favor of Ural in the match against Khimki.

“We can say that Shapi has a syndrome of second youth,” says the former head coach of Krasnodar Sergey Tashuev, under whom the corporate identity of the Krasnodar team was born. – When young football players begin to take off sharply, there may be such differences, because they have not yet developed a nervous system. After the first difficulties and failures, they lose confidence in themselves, integrity in the game. For Shapi, one action can be qualitative, while the other is incomplete, for example, when playing in defense. In my opinion, it was too early to talk about him in excellent tones. Not only club employees, friends, but also agents. I remember reading the statements that Barcelona should be interested in him. On the other hand, Suleimanov has little game practice now, so it is difficult to increase the number of points for effective actions.

Is the coach to blame? The word “guilty” should be used in relation to people who commit crimes. There is no one to blame in sports. The coach always wants every footballer to play well. Perhaps something is happening within the team, in the training process, which affects Suleimanov. We cannot know this. There are always mistakes in the relationship between coaches and players. I must admit that Krasnodar is now far from the best game in recent years. A lot of injured people are also, perhaps, a methodological problem. Such a high injury rate is nonsense for Krasnodar. But I think Sergey Nikolaevich (Galitsky) and the coaching staff will sort it out.

What should Shapi do? There is always one recipe. Talent is ability multiplied by hard work. As the great Soviet coach Boris Arkadiev said, ahead of his time in terms of football tactics, you have to train with all your might. Work on yourself, improve your intelligence, analyze the game. You need to cut off all unnecessary things from yourself and not pay attention to distractions. Without hard work and obsession with the profession, talent cannot be realized. Of course, it’s too early to give up on Suleimanov. He needs time. Shapi has natural qualities: quick thinking, speed and a strong left leg. I think everything will be fine with him. ”

Because of him, Fedun and Galitsky quarreled. Repyakh didn’t play in “Spartak” and left for Europe. It’s funny to remember the scandal four years ago today.

It would be nice to know Galitsky’s opinion on why the careers of the most promising pupils of Krasnodar are not going according to plan. It’s a shame he stopped talking about football.