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Sochi – Lokomotiv. Forecast: Skabelka, Lander and Tkachev will crush Rubtsov and Tochitsky

On September 17, the KHL regular championship match Sochi – Lokomotiv will take place. The meeting starts at 19:30 Moscow time. Bookmakers have already made a prediction, they consider the guests’ favorite: you can bet on Lokomotiv to win in regulation time with a coefficient of 1.79, Sochi’s success goes over 4.30.

Odds of bookmakers for the KHL match Sochi – Lokomotiv September 17

Bookmakers are sure that the KHL HC Sochi – Lokomotiv match on September 17 will not be effective: the total over 4.5 goals goes for 2.10, and the total under 4.5 goals – for 1.82. A draw in regular time is available at bookmakers at odds of 4.30. The goal in the first minute is 15.50.

Prediction and analysis of the KHL match Sochi – Lokomotiv

The start of the KHL regular championship, as planned, took place on September 2, although the coronavirus pandemic left its mark. Hockey players have to pass tests every five days, but this did not save them from problems.

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The residents of Ufa will not let go of their sworn rival.

However, the championship was not suspended, the rest of the clubs play in full. The schedule is tight, there is little time for rest. Six matches are scheduled for Thursday, September 17th. Three of them will start at 19:30 Moscow time. In Sochi, the local club of the same name will fight Lokomotiv. If you are going to bet on this match, we recommend visiting the site https://mmu.ac.tz/, where you can find the most accurate predictions.

The opponents are in a mirror-like position. The “leopards” have one victory and four defeats, the “railroad workers” – four victories and one defeat. The Yaroslavl players are still winning strictly in regulation time, and the only misfire happened in St. Petersburg. And there is not much to regret there (2: 4).

We failed the debut and got 0: 2 after eight minutes, but after the change of the goalkeeper, things went well. Andrey Skabelka’s charges kept the intrigue until the very end, having received the fourth puck into an empty net eight seconds before the siren. Working defeat from a strong opponent, and even on someone else’s ice. It happens.

“Kunlun” – “Motorist”. Forecast: 7: 0 – not everything, Datsyuk and Kovarzh will add in Mytishchi

It’s the second half of September, and Kunlun is still without glasses.

In all other cases, Yaroslavl turned out to be stronger. We smeared Spartak (7: 2), put the squeeze on Amur in a very chaotic hockey (2: 0), showed character at a visit to Moscow “Dynamo”, and for dessert we stood under the onslaught of “Traktor” (2: 1). Ilya Konovalov pleases, Vladimir Tkachev has already shot five points, legionnaires keep the bar. So far so good.

But “Sochi” is doing sadly. Wards of Alexander Andrievsky bite and scratch with all their might, but personnel problems are making themselves felt. The schedule is just hellish, so three points in five meetings is not such a bad result. They put the squeeze on the only easier opponent (3: 2 OT with Traktor).

We lost to extremely serious clubs – CSKA (1: 3), Metallurg (0: 6 and 0: 1 B), as well as Ak Bars (0: 4). Even in the two most sad fights from the point of view of the outcome, they looked good. In Magnitogorsk, they created enough, but fell after the second washer. In Kazan, they had an advantage in the first period, being left empty-handed due to poor implementation and Timur Bilyalov.

Lokomotiv TB – Dynamo. Forecast: Shunin, Novikov and Kabore will not get on the rampage in Georgia

Dynamo is playing in European competition for the first time in five years, and there will be no opportunity to improve in Moscow.

It’s hard to argue with the line. First, the guests have a stronger composition. Secondly, they took away six previous face-to-face meetings. Every single one – at regular time. And we have never conceded more than two goals. Thirdly, they had two more days of rest. Whatever one may say, but the chances of “leopards” seem modest.

The hosts will resist and will do their best, but the defense is in complete order, and Ilya Konovalov is good at the start of the season. Sochi players have colossal problems at the end, so we would have to choose between Sochi’s ITM 1.5 goals for 2.07 and X2 + total under 5.5 goals for 1.80. “Leopards” will only catch on if Yoel Lassinanti gets the courage.

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Forecast and bets on the KHL match Sochi – Lokomotiv September 17

“Sochi”, taking into account all the existing problems, looks decent, but huge problems at the end prevent you from consistently gaining points. Lokomotiv is good now, had two extra days to rest and took six previous face-to-face meetings in regulation time. The hosts will have real chances only with the inspirational play of the goalkeeper.